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CoreTigo’s solution provides wireless communication for sensors, actuators, and devices in the factory. Its technology is based on the IO-Link Wireless standard and creates a connected industrial solution in a reliable and cost-effective manner.


Fieldbit is an augmented-reality (AR) multi-source knowledge platform for field service, providing remote assistance and work instructions to support industrial assets at remote sites. The AR platform offers field service technicians rich real-time information and guidance through interactive collaboration with experts and digital resources, enabling them to solve critical problems effectively.


Precognize is adding a layer of the plant model on top of machine learning algorithms – human enhanced machine learning. Here it is used to monitor beer pre-fermentation process. Precognize launched its SAMGUARD application on top of Siemens’ Mindsphere.


KITOV Systems develops a universal solution designed to identify defects in 3D geometry using advanced machine vision, artificial intelligence, and deep-learning technologies. The company aims to reduce manufacturing costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and improve yield without the need for any experience in programming, machine-vision technology, or automation..


Loom Systems offers an AI-enabled, real-time predictive log analytics platform designed to predict and prevent digital customer experience issues before clients are affected. Its solution provides smooth IT operations with no downtime, outages, or threat to ongoing activity


Nanofabrica brings the power of 3D printing to precision manufacturing. Patented  technology opens new markets for 3D printing and enable mass manufacturing of precise and complex parts.

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