Siemens & Startups Industry Innovation Tour

View the complete virtual tour or visit individual stations below – these are recordings from the main event of the Industry 4.0 Innovation Week in Tel-Aviv on February 2020. The innovation tour was a unique opportunity to see how Siemens Digital Industries join forces with Innovative Startups to deliver new solutions.
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Precision 3D-Printing at ONE micron resolution

Nanofabrica‘s unique process allows to design and manufacture miniature parts that cannot be produced otherwise: Fixtures for electro-optic products, micro-connectors, as well as micro-molds. Nanofabrica accepts orders via Siemens’ additive Manufacturing Network.

Preventing Electronic Counterfeit using Computer Vision & AI‘s solution can test 100% of electronics components before they are assembled, making sure no hardware cyber components gets in. It can use SMT machines images, and add critical information to Siemens’ Material Management for PCB Assembly.

Digital Twin of Production Systems – Packaging Machine

Siemens offers machine builders a complete hardware and software portfolio to design and build more autonomous machines. Companies like Shemesh Automation can use virtual commissioning to validate complex automation scenarios at an early stage.

Augmented Reality for assisted Work Instructions

AssistAR is an accurate augmented reality work instructions solution. It supports assembly, inspection and maintenance, and is ideal for low volume – highly configurable products. AssistAR relies on PointAR ©, a patented technology from SkillReal (Compedia).

Electronics Assembly (THT) using Collaborative Robots

By using Artiminds and Siemens’ Process Simulate Robotics bundled software, collaborative robots can easily be trained to perform Through-Hole assembly on Printed Circuit Boards. This allows higher automation level of electronics assembly lines, and others

Virtual Commissioning of Production Lines – Beer example

Siemens Plant Simulation product is used for planning, simulation and visualization of production systems. . The resulting Digital Twin can also be used for virtual commissioning, with OPC-UA connectity to a physical PLC, or a virtual PLC (Simatic S7-PLCSIM advanced).

Mindsphere IoT Open Operating System from Siemens

On one end, Mindsphere is open to a variety of data collectors, like the unique Feelit Technologies sensors. On the other end, it allows access to 3rd party application providers via the Mindsphere store. Here we show the use cases of a production line (Precognize) and a production machine (Anodot).

Printed Nanomaterial Sensing Solutions “Smartifying objects”

Feelit provides printed, fully integrated nanomaterial-based sensing solutions that can turn any object to a smart object. In our tour it is used to measure the set-point of a cooling system valve in a beer production line. The data can be analyzed locally, or in a Mindsphere application (SAMGuard for example).

Human Enhanced Machine Learning for Process Industry

Precognize is adding a layer of the plant model on top of machine learning algorithms – human enhanced machine learning. Here it is used to monitor beer pre-fermentation process. Precognize launched its SAMGUARD application on top of Siemens’ Mindsphere.

Artificial Intelligence on Siemens’ Industrial Edge

Using Anodot ‘s patented Autonomous Analytics at the edge, allows fast operational decisions based on real time production data. Working with Siemens, Anodot extended its solution to few discrete manufacturing use cases in Electronics Assembly.

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